The Last Supper

The Last Supper. Oil on canvas. 2020. 100 x 150 cm. Not for sale.

To my beloved art teacher Olga Seppänen

Thank you.
Thank you for being patient, for sharing your wisdom, and believing in me. Your passion and knowledge of art shaped me into what I am today. This project would not have been possible without the guidance and support you provided me with.
Anastasia Rinas

Apostles in trios, for a reason.

Bartholomew, James the Less & Andrew

Astonished. The knife is pointing at Andrew, which makes him lift his hands and look at Judas.

Judas, Peter & John

Peter is warning young John, who is rumoured to be Mary Magdalene, about the danger and prepared a knife in his hand. Judas is shocked. The knife is coming from Judas’ back.

Thomas,James & Philip

Astonished. Philip is asking for an explanation in disbelief.

Jude, Matthew & Simon

Jude and Matthew turn to an older disciple in seek of an explanation for such unjust fate facing Jesus.

The process

This piece was made for my father in an old technique of multi-layering, which took over two and half years to complete. The dimensions of this piece are meter and a half by meter. Oil on canvas.

The basis of layering technique is to paint each time with an opposite colour, to attain a deep undescribable deep shade. I kept a notebook to remember the order of colours of each apostle. For example, Bartholomew’s clothing is now blue, so when dry, it would be painted with thin layer of Cadmium yellow. Such colors will turn the clothing into greenish colour. Next, it will be overlayered with a warm or cold shade of red, as it will be the opposite of green.

The painting was left to dry in horizontal position after layering to prevent dripping of oil paint. The photo was taken at Olga’s art atelier.

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